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November 16, 2022

November 16, 2022, Sales Surtax Oversight Committee Meeting


Committee Members Present: 

Michael Hawk, Nate Day, Diana Galavis, Dr. John White, Hank Rogers, Rachel Duff, Delmas Harper, Monique Tookes, Brian Evans (representative present- Dawn Emerick), Terrie Brady, Lynette Clinch, Lawrence Dennis, David Hathaway, Joe Carlucci, George Barnes, Alberta Hipps, Allison Busuttil

School Board Members: Vice-Chairman Dr. Kelly Coker, Chairman Darryl Willie, and Board Member Cindy Pearson


Call Meeting to Order

At 10:03 a.m. Chair Rogers announced taking the group photo prior to officially calling the meeting to order.

Chair Rogers called the meeting to order at 10:14 a.m.

Recognition and welcome were given to Board Member Cindy Pearson, Chairman Willie, and Vice-Chairman Kelly Coker.

Chair Rogers gave a recommendation to the committee:


That the Sales Surtax Oversight Committee add Vice-Chair Elections to the agenda.

Vote Results:

Motion: Diana Galavis

Second: Joe Carlucci



Chair Rogers thanked Vice-Chair, Nate Day, for his service to the committee.

Chair Rogers confirmed a Quorum with roll call for the meeting on November 16, 2022.



Public Comment

Nate Day was designated speaker during public comment: He thanked the committee for allowing him to serve and welcomed the public comments portion of the meeting.

Susan Aertker- spoke on 1012.62(5) in reference to the charter dashboard. Ms. Aertker requested an easy-to-read dashboard format.

Nate Day asked her to email her details of her request to Chair Rogers.

Robert Stafford- Spoke about concerns regarding facilities and school details on the Master Facility Plan Dashboard

David Hathaway- acknowledged Susan’s public comment about the current dashboard layout.


Approval of the November 16, 2022, Agenda

Chair Rogers made a recommendation to the committee:


That the Sales Surtax Oversight Committee Approve the Meeting Agenda.

Vote Results:

Motion: Monique Tookes

Second: Diana Galavis



Approval of Minutes: Feb. 23,2022, Regular Meeting; April 20, 2022, Regular Meeting; June 15, 2022, September 21, 2022, Regular Meeting

Chair Rogers made a recommendation to the committee:


That the Sales Surtax Oversight Committee accept and approve the regular meeting minutes (listed above).

Motion: Monique Tookes    

Second: Nate Day



Items to be Discussed

Determine Yearly Meeting Schedule

Chair Rogers and Sonita Young, Chief of Staff, gave an overview and clarification of the yearly meeting schedule and 9.66 compliance.

Chair Rogers acknowledged Committee Members- Dedee Harper, Diana Galavis, and Alberta Hipps about 9.66 policy meeting requirements.

Monique Tookes commented through Chair Rogers to acknowledge the Yearly Meeting Schedule benefits.

Chair Rogers made recommendation to the committee:

For the Sales Surtax Oversight Committee to continue meeting the third Wednesday of the meeting month and keep only the morning timeslot.


Motion: Monique Tookes

Second: Diana Galavis



Policy Revision- 9.66, Sales Surtax Oversight Committee Update

Chair Rogers and Sonita Young, Chief of Staff, gave an overview and clarification of the Board approved changes to Policy 9.66.

Ms. Tookes and Ms. Emerick inquired about allowing alternates attending meetings to take action when attending in a committee members' place. - proposal made to amend this in policy.

Chair Rogers proposed that the committee consider the following recommendations:

  • Allowing another approved higher education institution to fill in when no committee member is provided from the active institution.
  • Identifying a procedure to address the President of a participating organization who will not appoint a representative to serve on the committee- Ms. Tookes and Mr. Carlucci gave input on this proposal.
  • BM Pearson- addressed the topic of the organizations identified to serve on the Sales Surtax Oversight Committee to propose potential vacancy solutions. Ms. Brady addressed the committee with supporting comments to Board Member Pearson’s comments.
  • Chair Rogers proposed a review and follow-up to clarify the process when a new School Board Member is appointed and how any current elected committee member is affected.

Chair Rogers received questions from Committee Members: Ms. Brady, Ms. Galavis, Ms. Tookes, Mr. Carlucci, and Ms. Busuttil regarding the following topics:

  • Identifying a process for charter schools that fold.
  • Stakeholder inclusion
  • Providing current agencies serving on the committee a vetting process and retention effort.
  • Providing access through the sales surtax webpage that provides a support line for committee members.
  • Providing more organizational details of the projects within the Master Facility Plan.  

Sonita Young, Chief of Staff, addressed the committee regarding terms of service and requested time for School Board Members and the Office of General Council to review, clarify, and respond.

Dr. Tracy Pierce, Chief of Marketing and Public Relations, provided possible solutions to the website support line accessibility request.

Paul Soares, Assistant Superintendent of Operations, offered a solution for providing Master Facility Plan project management details to the committee.


(Amended Agenda Item) Vice-Chair Nominations

Chair Rogers made a recommendation to the committee:


For the Sales Surtax Oversight Committee to appoint Vice-Chair nominees for election.


Motion: Terrie Brady nominated Alberta Hipps

Motion: Dedee Harper nominated Monique Tookes

Alberta Hipps deferred nomination to Ms. Tookes


Unanimous vote for Ms. Tookes.


Operations Update

Assistant Superintendent of Operations, Paul Soares and Executive Director of Design and Construction Services, Byron Page, gave a PowerPoint presentation (see attached).

Discussion included: Projects started, projects completed the work and clarity was provided around the questions regarding the Master Facility Plan: District Dashboard.

Byron addressed time extensions on specific projects due to district delays regarding technology.

Committee Members Michael Hawk, Nate Day, David Hathaway, Allison Busuttil gave input and asked questions regarding Demand Star, Master Facility Plan: District Dashboard data, project updates and project solicitation to contractors.

Mr. Soares and Mr. Page addressed each inquiry above with the committee.


Finance Update

Chief Financial Officer, Michelle Begley gave a PowerPoint Presentation; Sales Surtax Oversight Committee Financial Services & Charter Schools Presentation (see attached). 

Discussion included: Sales Surtax Funding overview, Charter School Qualifications and Eligibility.

Committee Members Lawrence Dennis, Allison Busuttil and David Hathaway asked questions about the following topics: when eligible charter schools become ineligible, appeal process for ineligible charter schools, charter school’s current eligibility list.  

Lawrence Dennis – appeal process for charter schools if they become ineligible in a new year. Allison Busuttil- By next meeting will we know what schools are or aren’t eligible.

David Hathaway and Allison Busuttil asked about a previously eligible charter school that currently loses eligibility.

Ms. Begley addressed each inquiry above with the committee.

Chair Rogers asked Ms. Begley and Ms. Sharwonda Peek, Assistant Superintendent of School Choice, about how certain Charter locations are dispersing funds.

Ms. Sharwonda Peek requested time to research and provide a definitive response to the committee.


MFA Process

Ashley Barr, Director of Strategic Planning, presented the MFA (Multi-Factor Authentication) information and provided a brief overview of the process to the committee members.


Approval of Minutes

Will take place at the next meeting on February 15, 2023.


Next Meeting

Next meeting will be held on February 15, 2023, at 10:00a.m., at the Schultz Center for Teaching and Leadership.



The meeting was adjourned at 12:32 p.m.


Minutes were taken by Megan Mihalik, Coordinator, Strategic Planning


These minutes were approved at the __February 15, 2023__ Sales Surtax Oversight Committee Meeting.



*****For attachments or presentations from the meetings, please email Megan Mihalik, Coordinator, Strategic Planning at****