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February 15, 2023

February 15, 2023, Sales Surtax Oversight Committee Meeting


Committee Members Present: 

Anita Vining, Lawrence Dennis, Rachel Duff, Hank Rogers, Monique Tookes, Brian Evans, Terrie Brady, Lynette Clinch, Joe Carlucci, Alberta Hipps, Allison Busuttil

School Board Members: Vice-Chairman Cindy Pearson in attendance.


Call Meeting to Order

Chair Rogers called the meeting to order at 10:13 a.m.

Recognition and welcome were given to Vice-Chairman Cindy Pearson.

Chair Rogers announced there is a quorum and completed a roll call for the meeting.


Approval of the February 15, 2023, Agenda

Chair Rogers made a recommendation to the committee:


That the Sales Surtax Oversight Committee Approve the Meeting Agenda.

Vote Results:

Motion: Lawrence Dennis

Second: Joe Carlucci



Public Comment

Chair Rogers introduced Vice-Chair, Monique Tookes, to conduct Public Comments.

Robert Stafford- requested to have the charter dashboard reference removed from the November 16, 2022, draft minutes. Mr. Stafford summarized follow-up conversations with the Operations Department and asked about archived updates on the dashboard disappearing (Jan. 30 example).

Marion Tischler- Dashboard Design concerns and recommendations regarding Charter School information and reporting through the Charter School Dashboard (see attachment).

Chair Rogers introduced Alberta Hipps and allowed her to read her letter of resignation to the Committee.


Approval of Minutes: November 16, 2022

Chair Rogers addressed the committee regarding requests made during public comment and made the following recommendations:


That the Sales Surtax Oversight Committee approve the November 16, 2022, Meeting Minutes Amendment Request to remove the charter school dashboard reference from Mr. Stafford’s Public Comment.

Vote Results:

Motion: Terrie Brady

Second: Monique Tookes




That the Sales Surtax Oversight Committee accept and approve the regular meeting minutes (listed above).

Motion: Terrie Brady

Second: Monique Tookes



Items to be Discussed

Operations Update

Executive Director, Byron Page, gave a PowerPoint presentation (see attached).

Discussion included: Projects started, funding metrics, projects completed, OEO’s and payment schedules to contractors, upcoming project meetings, new Swing Space Management, and safety and security projects.

There was a video clip of the Rutledge Pearson Project and a review of additional projects in progress.

Allison Busuttil, Terrie Brady, and chair Rogers complimented the District Dashboard documentation and presentation for the public on the DCPS website.


Allison Busuttil asked the following:

What is the possibility of adding a tab to track completed projects and a way to sustain and maintain them? Can another tab be added to the District Dashboard to display project completion and other components of project completion? – Operations will review and follow up on this request.

Lawrence Dennis asked about the following:

How will the Swing Space for Ribault in Fall 2023 affect the football program operations?

Sonita Thompson responded that programmatic implementation will be provided at the February 28th community meeting.

Mr. Dennis requested clarification of details regarding Sales Tax Funded Metrics.

Operations provided details within the NWSBE tab on the District Dashboard.

Terri Brady and Allison Busuttil suggested the School Board provide more community outreach/engagement and present project milestones through various media outlets.


Finance Update

Chief Financial Officer, Michelle Begley gave a PowerPoint Presentation; Sales Surtax Oversight Committee Financial Services & Charter Schools Presentation (see attached). 

Discussion included: Sales Surtax Funding overview, Charter School Qualifications and Eligibility for Quarter 3. A link was shared to access the State Audit Report.

Alberta Hipps asked about charter schools funding and interest. – Ms. Begley explained capturing project indication is a part of the charter school reports.

Chair Rogers, Allison Busuttil, Alberta Hipps, Terrie Brady, and Lawrence Dennis asked the following regarding Charter School Funding:

How are remaining funds reported when an eligible school becomes ineligible in a new quarter and is no longer included in the reporting process? – Ms. Begley asked for a chance to check on the process and follow-up.

What is the process for allowing charter schools back in?  - Ms. Begley explains the requirements for charter school eligibility and the requirements for regaining eligibility.

Sonita Thompson clarified how dashboard reports from Operations and Finance align with the state's auditing process to monitor funding for Charter Schools.


Annual Recommendations

Chair Rogers gave a brief description of the Committee’s duty to provide recommendations through the Annual Report to the School Board Members.

Terri Brady and Allison Busuttil recommended the Communications Department help initiate more community outreach through various media outlets to support the School Board Members' work and provide transparency in these efforts.

Alberta Hipps and Terrie Brady recommended the following:

The Duval County School Board consider a lunch and learn with the City Council and the Mayor to gain support of the Master Facility Plan to further support the committee’s work to meet their promise to voters.

Timely engagement in the recruitment and identification process to communicate the Board’s needs for participation from stakeholders and ensure compliance with attendance requirements. 

Allison Busuttil recommended the School Board and Committee identify a designee to document the work being completed by charter schools in a similar manner as the district.

Joe Carlucci requested a point of contact be added to the district's Master Facility Plan Website when assistance is needed regarding expenditures.

Monique Tookes and Allison Busuttil would like a list of all committee representatives from Board Policy 9.66, including vacancies to be included for transparency on the Annual Report.

Chair Rogers made the following recommendation on behalf of the committee:

The School Board should consider adopting a policy to memorialize one process for modifying the scope of projects in the Master Facility Plan. The policy should require review by the Sales Surtax Oversight Committee prior to Board approval.


Election of Chairman

Chair Rogers and Sonita Thompson referenced Board Policy 9.66 to outline the need for Chairman Elections. The committee discussed the Vice-Chair term and the need to amend the agenda to add Vice-Chair Elections.

Sonita Thompson provided clarification of the Vice-Chair position and the 2-year term, or the end of the natural term referenced in Board Policy 9.66.

Monique Tookes made the following recommendation:


Move to postpone elections until next meeting on May 17 because the Committee did not know there would be an opportunity for a Vice-Chair Election.

Moved: None

Second: None



Joe Carlucci made the following recommendations:


Move to amend the agenda to include Chair and Vice-Chair Elections on the agenda.

Moved: Alberta Hipps

Second: Allison Busuttil



Joe Carlucci made the following recommendations:


Move to nominate Hank Rogers as Chairman and Monique Tookes Vice-Chairman

Moved: Joe Carlucci

Second: Terrie Brady


Lynette Clinch asked when new committee members would start participating and onboarding procedures.

Chair Rogers and Sonita Thompson explained the process for new members onboarding and the School Board’s plans for solidifying appointees.

Chair Rogers introduced the newest Sales Surtax Oversight Committee Member for Northeast Florida Association of Realtors - Anita Vining.

Monique Tookes asked what the deadline for recommendations is.

Chair Rogers has asked for time to work with the School Board to solidify a deadline and follow-up.


Policy Revisions, 9.66

Chair Rogers introduced Mr. Brian McDuffie to give a review of the recent revisions to Policy 9.66- Sales Surtax Oversight Committee presented in January and approved and scheduled for review on the next regular board meeting agenda (see attachments).

Allison Busuttil made a request for additional information to be sent to the Committee members.

Sonita Thompson will follow up.


Approval of Minutes

Will take place at the next meeting on May 17, 2023


Next Meeting

Next meeting will be held on May 17, 2023, at 10:00a.m., at the Schultz Center for Teaching and Leadership.



The meeting was adjourned at 12:07 p.m.


Orientation for New Members

Executive Director of Policy and Compliance, Brian McDuffie, provided a brief orientation to the new committee members following the meeting adjournment.


Minutes were taken by Megan Mihalik, Coordinator, Strategic Planning


These minutes were approved at the May 17, 2023, Sales Surtax Oversight Committee Meeting.


*****For attachments or presentations from the meetings, please email Megan Mihalik, Coordinator, Strategic Planning at****