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Computer Pick Up for Online Learning

The DCPS Technology Department is distributing laptops for students in need. If your student is in possession of a laptop issued by a previous school, they are to keep that laptop and use it for all online/virtual learning. If you need to pick up a laptop and/or hotspot, please go to one of the following locations at the times noted below. Please have the student’s ID and/or student ID Number with you when you arrive at a location. We do not loan computers to private schools or charter schools. When returning your computer, please return it to the location where you received it.

The locations and times are open daily:

  1. Landmark MS 9:00-2:00
  2. Terry Parker HS 8:30-1:30       
  3. Frank Peterson HS 8:30-1:30
  4. Joseph Stilwell MS 9:00-2:00
  5. Landon MS 9:00-2:00                    
  6. Mandarin HS 8:30-1:30            
  7. Ribault HS 8:30-1:30