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Parents & Students

Welcome to Terry Parker High School, home of the Braves!

Parents and Students.  There are no deliveries of food accepted on behalf of students.  All students have the availability of free breakfast and free lunch in our cafeteria.  Juniors and Seniors who are eligible are the only ones allowed off campus for lunch with the appropriate off campus lunch pass.  Students will off campus lunch passes are not allowed to return to campus with food for themselves or anyone else.  
Per the student code of conduct, student's technology is to be off and away when the school day begins.  This will begin after the first bell.  Cell phones and other technology will be confiscated if seen.   
SENIOR BRAVES: Please make your appointment with Leonard's Studio for Senior Pictures.  You can visit their website at or call 1-800-215-4852.  For $20 you'll get a combo sitting - the yearbook formal and a casual photo in the clothing of your choice! If you have additional picture needs, please make sure that you inquiry about how much this will cost via Leonard's.