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Principal's Welcome Letter

May 14, 2021
Dear Parent(s),
I was so delighted to learn that your student is accepted to Stanton. Congratulations and I look forward to your child’s arrival as a member of the Stanton student body.

In this letter you will find important details that will prepare your student for the opening of school. Incoming 9th grade students, please mark your calendar for the Summer Bridge Program which will be held in June. Students may choose from one of two sessions, either June 8th -10th or June 14th -16th. The hours are from 8:30 a.m. – 2:00 p.m. Lunches will not be provided, therefore students will have to bring their own or purchase lunch items at the school which will be sold daily. Please register as soon as possible at to get the week of your choice. We have set each session at 250 students to accommodate everyone. Orientation information for the 2021-2022 school year will be posted on the Stanton website during the summer. Class dues will be collected during Orientation. They are $20.00 per student for 9th grade and 10th grade, and checks can be made to Stanton College Prep. For 9th grade students entering the IB Preparation program, annual IB Activities dues, which cover a number of enrichment activities for IB students, are $30.00 per student and will be collected at Orientation as well.

Another expectation is the requirement to take a Virtual School class before graduation as per subsection Ch. 2011-137 LAWS OF FLORIDA. Students have four years to do this; however, we highly encourage them to complete this course soon to avoid overload when school starts. Students are not allowed to take a class that is part of the required Stanton Curriculum such as: English 1 Honors, World History Honors, Biology Honors, Geometry Honors, Algebra 2 Honors, Great Books, or HOPE for 9th graders, or classes that are required for subsequent class levels at Stanton. They may take any other elective (upon approval from the Stanton Guidance Department) to fulfill this requirement. Students who complete the International Baccalaureate program of study are exempt from this virtual school graduation requirement.

We want our students to be committed to integrity and academic excellence. Our code of honor: “I will not give, receive, or use unauthorized assistance (this includes information from Internet sites) on any assignment, quiz, or examination, nor will I tolerate such action by others. I understand that if I have knowledge of a violation of the Integrity Code, I could be considered guilty of a violation myself if I fail to report it,” will be something students will have to get accustomed to and adhere to during their time at Stanton. Additionally, teachers use to check the authentication of the student’s work when they submit essays. Parental consent is required for the students (minors) to set-up an account with

Here comes the fun part; please help your student register for their courses for next school year. The window for 9th grade course requests will be from Monday, May 17th thru Sunday, May 23rd. Submitting course requests is easy and done with assistance from the Stanton Guidance Department. Many course progression requirements will have already been selected for your student in their Focus account and you will not be able to change them. However, if you think that they are in error, please contact your designated counselor.
Course Request Instructions:
➢ Go to the school website at
➢ Click the “Student” tab and select “Course Scheduling 2021-2022” tab.
➢ Click on the “9th Grade Student Planning Sheet”.
➢ Review your program of study/course sequence, Honors or IB.
➢ Use the instructions on the 9th Grade Student Planning Sheet to choose two electives and two back-up
➢ Log on to your Focus student account through then select “Focus” in the middle
portion of the homepage.
➢ Convert the school year to 2021-2022
➢ Find the “My Information” tab and select “Class Requests”.
➢ Review the pre-selected requests for your schedule.
➢ When you have completed your planning sheet email it to your designated guidance counselor. (see
listings below)
➢ Your guidance counselor will enter your elective requests for you and answer any of your further

Ms. Ibasco (last name A-D)             Mr. Fessenden (last name L-R)    
ext. 1153999921                            ext. 1153999923

Ms. Szymczyk (last name E-K)        Ms. Watanabe (last name S-Z)
ext. 1153999922 ext.                     1153999924

If you are interested in serving on Stanton’s School Advisory Committee (SAC) for the upcoming school year,
please e-mail the Principal’s Secretary, Suzanne O’Donnell at and include a brief
bio about yourself. Your name will be placed on the ballot and you will be contacted when a date has been set
when SAC will meet to elect parent members.

We look forward to providing your student with an academically rigorous and nurturing atmosphere. We have an
open-door policy, and usually we would say stop by and see us, call us, or send an email with your inquiries. At
this time, we encourage you to reach out to our Guidance Counselors if you have any questions about course
selection or anything about our school. In addition, our website has a wealth of information, please visit it at . Please stay safe and we look forward to meeting you and your student.

Nongongoma Majova-Seane