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Weekly Updates!

Good day Wolfpack Parents,

This is Mr. Begley, principal of Samuel Wolfson School for Advanced Studies.  I hope you are doing well.  It’s a great day to be part of the Wolfpack. 

I want to remind you of some of the upcoming events at Wolfson: 

  • Please check the AP Test Prep Calendar to see when we are offering Saturday AP Test Prep Sessions. This Saturday we will have AP US History and AP Psychology, but we will NOT have AP Human Geography and AP World History.
  • This Saturday we will be having another community service day. Please come to the school to help pull weeds and add to our landscaping.  If you have a shovel, rake or a desire to help at school, please considering helping at 9:00am this Saturday. 
  • The students along with Jostens Ring Company have designed a standard class ring for Wolfson. Much like the traditions of Clemson and other top universities, the students will be able to order a common class ring that shows off their Wolfpack Pride.  The unveiling of the ring will be in two assemblies tomorrow:  Juniors are at 8:30 and Sophomores are at 9:30.  We will now order rings during the Sophomore year so that students can enjoy wearing their ring for two years before graduating.
  • This Friday at 6pm, we are hosting a “Baseball Reunion” game. Please come out and see the old timers vs our baseball team. 
  • We have many colleges making school visits; please check the guidance department website to see what schools are coming up next.
  • We have two more magnet tours coming up before the February 28th If you know of students who qualify for an advanced program, please tell them to check the website for specifics.  Upcoming tour dates are the 21st at 6pm and 27th at 9am.
  • The Winter Sports Award Program is February 25th at 6pm. Please contact your coach for more information.
  • We are hosing a PSAT Night March 4th. If you have ever had questions about understanding the PSAT, this is your time to learn. 


As always, please check out our website, for morning announcements, newsletters, robo calls, and the calendar for sports and activities.  

Have an awesome day and as always, Go Pack. 

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