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Weekly Updates!

Hello Wolfpack Families,

This is Mr. Begley, principal of Samuel Wolfson School for Advanced Studies.  Please listen to the following information regarding our graduation ceremony in July.

Our ceremony is scheduled for 9:00am on July 22nd at the Wolpack Stadium football field.

Note that the district will implement CDC guidelines and any state or local orders for COVID-19 that are in effect as of the date of the ceremony. This will help ensure we can celebrate our graduates in a safe and organized way. Please listen carefully.  This information will also be available on under latest news, and will be updated as necessary.


  • First, masks will be required for all guests as they enter the arena, including graduates. They may be taken off once seated inside the venue.
  • Second, there will be ONLY TWO tickets per graduate. Guests of the graduates must arrive at the same time.  The ceremony will be live streamed. Updates on how to tune in to each ceremony will be on under latest news.
  • Third, each guest will be checked off and screened before entry into the venue. This includes a search, a temperature screening and completion of a COVID-19 questionnaire. Note that guests with a temperature of 100.4 degrees or greater or answer yes to any of the questions on the survey will not be allowed to enter the venue. Please review the COVID-19 questionnaire posted on under latest news and plan accordingly.
  • Fourth, guests will be required to maintain social distancing by sitting in marked designated seats.
  • Lastly, the venue will open early to limit any lines. Social Distancing will be required if a line is to form before entry. Please plan accordingly and arrive early.

Due to the safety procedures in place, we anticipate there may be some delays. We thank you in advance for your patience.

You can read this robo call as it will be posted on our website at under WEEKLY UPDATES.  Please enjoy your weekend and as always, Go PACK! 


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