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2020-2021 Updates

We are looking forward to seeing you soon, Wolfpack! This video breaks down everything you need to know as we get ready for the first day of school. We understand there are a lot of changes, and some of those changes are ongoing. We will continue to update this spot with information as we have it available. Please contact us with any questions or concerns! 

Check out our Orientation Video

(posted July 15, 2020)

*Please note that the days that Seniors will attend on campus classes has changed to Tuesday & Friday. Only Freshmen will attend on campus classes on Monday and Thursday.* 

The following A/B schedule breaks down the hybrid schedule for on-campus and virtual days for Wolfson students. Please note that the hybrid schedule is due to be re-evaluated at Labor Day, and updates to the schedule will be made at that time.  You can also download a PDF of this calendar here.