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Principals Corner: Samuel wolfson school for advanced studies


Latest Message from Principal Begley:

Good morning Wolfpack,

I wanted to let you know that today we went on a Code Yellow because this morning we received an anonymous call stating that they had received a text from a 1-800 number stating that there was going to be a threat at Wolfson this morning.  The call was traced and the police department dealing with the caller determined that it was not a credible threat.   

As far as the school operations, in an effort to always keep your students safe as the situation was investigated, we went on a Code Yellow and searched every student. We posted two additional police officers at the front and back of the school for extra perimeter security.  We also had two additional officers inside the building. 

 While the threat was not credible, I hope that you see that we take the extra steps to ensure a safe campus for your students. Thank you for your patience, cooperation and understanding.

Have a great weekend and as always, Go PACK!

Mr. Begley

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