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September 15, 2023

Good afternoon,

I hope that you are doing well and looking forward to a restful weekend.  There is always a lot going on at Wolfson, so please see the attached newsletter and mark your calendar for events that you would like to attend.  

Just so you know, the district is switching over to using a communication system named "Bloomz".  The distribution lists for Wolfson in Bloomz is very much incorrect.  So, I will continue to use this system until that is fixed.  So, keep your eye out for both.  

As mid-term progress reports are coming out, please remember that we would love to be able to keep all of our students; however, to remain at Wolfson, you must pass all of your classes and maintain an unweighted 2.0 GPA.  If that isn't happening, please contact the guidance department to set up a conference to discuss next steps.  

Again, have a great weekend, and as always....Go PACK!!!!

Mr. Begley

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