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SAT Testing March 12th - JUNIORS

Juniors- you will be offered an opportunity to take the SAT during school on March 12th.  This is a reportable score- meaning that the score you earn can be used for college and scholarship applications.  The schedule and room assignments will come later but I need you to make sure that your laptop is ready for online testing. 
First, you need "Bluebook" on your laptop.  Most of you had this software pushed out during the fall before we had the In-School SAT and PSAT.  If you have Bluebook on your desktop, please open it.  The act of opening the app will trigger an update.  Please leave it open until a message states that your software is up to date.
If you do NOT have Bluebook on your desktop, please follow these steps:
  1. press the Windows button
  2. start typing "Company Portal"- the app should populate as you are typing
  3. Once in Company Portal, look at the apps listed under "Recently Published Apps" for "Bluebook- System Wide..."
  4. Click on "Bluebook- System Wide..." and click "Install
  5. After installation, you may need to restart your computer and then open the app again to trigger any updates.
By making sure that your laptop is ready, you will help the testing process go more smoothly.
Loaners should only be used in extreme cases as the installation of Bluebook is profile specific- meaning that if you log into a loaner, the software will not be there and you will need to either wait for the computer to sync with the network and automatically install the software on your profile or manually add the software using the steps above.  Both of these options take a significant amount of time- pushing the testing schedule out of whack.
If you do not have company portal or if you are unable to install Bluebook on your laptop, please come see me in the media center sooner rather than later.  There is only one of me and hundreds of you.