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ATTN SENIORS: Read this post about your school laptops and chargers!!

Seniors- please make sure that you have the laptop that has been assigned to you. If your laptop is missing the label with your name (or if it's illegible), please follow these steps:
Go to OneView
On the left hand side, go to "My Devices"
Compare the Asset ID Number (1644...) listed in "My Devices" to the Asset Number on the label on the bottom of your laptop.
If the asset label is missing on your laptop and it isn't written on the laptop, please bring the laptop to me so I can pull the asset information and print you a new label.
Reminder- you are expected to have the protective cover and charger when you return your laptop. If you have misplaced your cover, it will cost you $10 and if you have misplaced your charger, it will cost you $25 or you may purchase a replacement from Amazon (or other retailer). Please search "Lenovo 11e 45 watt USB-C charger" when searching on Amazon