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Start of School Information

Students should arrive by 7:05 A.M.  After 7:15 A.M. students will be marked late

Drop off can take place on East or West side of campus.  From the East is John Prom Blvd. Gates enter through gate 2 and exit through gate 3

On the West side of campus (Sam Hardwick) enter through gate 6 and exit through gate 7. 

Students do not enter the building from the main entrance this is for faculty only.

All students may enter the building in three locations noted with a red “E” on the campus map:  West Side of Gym pad near woodshop, Behind Cafeteria near the portables/annex, and on the East side at the bus entrance near culinary.

After 7:30 A.M. each day the West side of the campus will be locked leaving only one way on campus during the day from the John Prom side (East).

Parents: Please do not park in a student parking area in the morning or afternoon.

Pick-Up:  School ends at 2:00 P.M. unless it is an Early Release Day.  For your convenience, we recommend waiting until 2:07 P.M. to pick up students as car riders.  This will allow most of the traffic to leave the area especially buses. Please know which side you are picking your child up (East/West etc.)

First Day Concerns:

My child does not have a schedule yet?  Send your child to school if they are properly enrolled at Sandalwood.

Where should my child go on the first day?  To their first period.  If student does not have a schedule they will report to the Auditorium.

How do I get a bus schedule?  On the DCPS website.  You must register, however the first week will not be a problem as it takes time to schedule.  Buses depart campus at 2:05 P.M. – Students must remember their bus # (This is important!!)

I need a schedule change?  Schedule corrections are only taking place at this time.

My child would like a partial schedule.  Do they meet the requirements?  Check with Guidance.

Where does my child pick up a computer?  They will be issued a laptop the first 10 days of school.

My child did not get an ID.  Pictures and IDs will be distributed the first 2 weeks of school.

Can my child get a parking pass?  If they qualify, and spaces are available.  Student must apply through Mr. Lakatos during lunch.

As a safety precaution, Sandalwood only allows see-through mesh or plastic bookbags in the classroom.