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Ms. Leslie Guzzone, - Saint's Spotlight

Ms. Leslie Guzzone has been teaching at Sandalwood for 23 years! She was a sports medicine major in college and never saw herself as a teacher. Soon after graduating from college, her mother-in-law and former 12th grade English teacher encouraged her to give teaching a try. She started her teaching career as a substitute, was hired the following year in science and has been teaching at her alma mater ever since! She has never and will never regret making this field change! (her words)

One of her favorite things about teaching is helping students accomplish their goals. (Not just the academic ones:)

One fun fact about Ms. Guzzone is she is a twin! Here are some other ways she is deeply rooted in SHS:

  • She graduated from Sandalwood.
  • She attended Sandalwood from 7th-12th grade!
  • Her sister and son both work at Sandalwood.
  • Her mother-in-law and sister-in-law both worked at Sandalwood.

I think it is safe to say that Ms. Guzzone has Saint's pride that runs deep! We know she bleeds blue and gold!