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KSMS Magnet Program Continuity

Kirby’s High School Program Continuity Guidelines/Qualifications


3 Magnet Codes Based on student’s individual Acceptance Program


J6- Gifted – Identified in FOCUS or Bring documentation from the District’s ESE Office qualify for Program Continuity to Stanton, Paxon & Darnell

J3 – Accelerated – Applied for Accelerated Program w/ 4 or 5’s on the FSA or FCAT Testing (School Curriculum will verify list before lottery is ran) Qualify for Program continuity to Stanton, Paxon & Darnell

MO-Magnet – All Applicants who are not a J6 or J3 qualify for Program continuity to Robert E. Lee High School (Must have Algebra 1) and The Raines School - Tiered Continuity to Darnell (Must have Algebra 1)