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Duval HomeRoom Login Directions

The first period bell is ringing. Get to school! Here is how: 

  1. Log into the OneView platform
    • Students will use their student ID and password (same information used on the computers in school)

  2. Connect to your classroom Teams
    • View the Student Guide for Microsoft Teams 
    • Students will have a Teams classroom for each of their classroom settings.
    • Students will be able to communicate with their teacher and view assignments. Students will be able to see their teachers, but teachers will not be able to see students. 
    • All Teams classrooms are expected to be operational by noon on Monday, March 23

Your teachers will guide you through the instructional experience. You might come here or to Focus to access online platforms and to see district announcements. 

If you have questions about classes, classroom assignments or how to navigate in the system, first try to figure it out with your teacher. If you are having trouble logging in our accessing online learning tools, call the technology support team at (904) 348-5200.

That's it! 
Now you are ready for school. So what are you waiting for? No time to hang out on the homepage, people. Get to class!  ... and have a great day in Duval HomeRoom.