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The Yearbook Needs Your Help!

Due to these UNFORESEEN circumstances, we have a lot of blank pages in the yearbook. Here is your chance to help us still produce the great memories we have had of this school year, and memorialize our current situation as a JWJ Family!!

Students are asked to do the following:

1. UPLOAD: The yearbook has a photo sharing app, HJ eShare, use the school code 937 and enter in your info. You will now be allowed to upload APPROPRIATE photos to be considered for the yearbook.
You can also help by joining our Remind101 link by texting to 81010 and send the message jwjy, or use remind code 'jwjy' to join. Here we will be asking for photos and messages to add to the yearbook. Make sure you tell your friends!!

2. SPRING SPORTS: If you have any pictures of yourself or teammates that were taken before the break, please upload them!! We definitely need those photos. If you have photos from last spring of teams that you were on, SEND THOSE TOO!! We will determine which ones we can use.

3. CLUB MEMBERS: Please send us any and all club photos you may have.

4. CONTENT: Based on the photos you share with us, we may be contacting you to ask that you share some content in regards to the pics. Please be sure to add your email address in the description field before uploading your photo so we can reach out to you.

5. ONLINE LEARNING: Share your adventures in this new learning platform. We have a lot to add to this particular area, be creative.

6. CONTACT US: If you any general questions, please do not hesitate in reaching out to us, Mrs. Burton at and Ms.Williams at

7. LAST BUT NOT LEAST....BUY A YEARBOOK!! we have just a little over 100 left to sell. Log on to and use JWJ code 937 to reserve your copy TODAY!!! This book will definitely be interesting, you DO NOT want to miss this years book! It will be a CLASSIC!!

Mrs. Erica Burton