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On the Re-Opening of JWJ

Dear James Weldon Johnson Families,

The COVID-19 era is often called "fluid" because conditions change rapidly. A fluid body of water, like our St. Johns River, requires a bridge to cross and so does this fluid pandemic situation. We are bridging from the way we ended last year, with all students at-home, to options and precautions for the 2020-21 school year to reduce the risk of COVID-19 spread among students, staff, and our loved ones. As we begin crossing this bridge, the most important announcements are these. 

  1. All students have choices about how they return to learning 
    These choices include in-school options, distance learning through Duval HomeRoom and fully virtual learning through the Duval Virtual Instruction Academy. Please explore the grade level tiles below to learn about the specifics of your options. 
  2. Elementary students have a full week in-school option beginning Aug. 10
    We have better capabilities to maintain social distance and isolate classrooms of students in elementary schools, and elementary school students cannot stay home alone if parents need to go to work. See more about elementary options by selecting the elementary tile below. 
  3. In-school option for middle and high: Hybrid on Aug. 10. Full week in school after Labor Day
    Jacksonville is hosting a major national event in August. There is no way to estimate the impact of that event on the local COVID-19 situation. Social distancing in secondary schools is not possible with the number of students in these schools. Therefore, all middle and high school options for in-school education will begin school on a "hybrid" schedule. During the week, students will be at school on some days and at home learning online the other days. The district, working with the Department of Health - Duval, will seek to return middle and high school students to a five day a week in-school schedule following Labor Day.  Select the middle school or high school grade tiles below to learn about all the options for these students. 
  4. Students in all grade levels have the option for Duval HomeRoom
    Duval HomeRoom means you remain enrolled in your school and you have online access to similar classes you would take at school. This option is now available for middle and high school students, as well as elementary students. The electives available at the secondary level may be limited. Registration for Duval HomeRoom is now open in FOCUS and will run through July 24. 
  5. Face coverings required on bus and in school
    The best way to slow the transmission of COVID-19 in a school setting is to require all staff and students to wear face coverings throughout the day. Kindergarten through second grade students will be issued a clear plastic face shield, which may be used in addition to or instead of a cloth face covering. Students with disabilities or medical conditions that prevent a face covering may also use a clear plastic shield or another reasonable accommodation. Face coverings will not be required in P.E., recess, band, music and other classes in which the facial covering is an obvious impediment to learning activities. 

Our goal is to provide your child with the best educational experience possible with an enrollment option that fits your family's needs while taking steps to slow the transmission of COVID-19.

Whatever enrollment option you choose, we are excited and ready to return to teaching and learning on Aug. 10. With courage, flexibility, and understanding, we will get through this pandemic together. I hope you join us on this bridge as we begin the slow, steady walk back to normal. 


Middle School Enrollment Options

  • Beginning with Hybrid before Labor Day 
  • Bridging to Five-Days-a-Week After Labor Day
  • Now Adding Duval HomeRoom for Two At-Home Options 


From Aug. 10 to Labor Day middle school students will begin with three options. One option includes learning at school on a hybrid schedule. Hybrid means children are at school some days of the week and learning through distance learning on the other days. Following Labor Day, students who choose the in-school, hybrid option are expected to transition to in-school learning five days a week. 


Options Before Labor Day

Middle school enrollment options described in body text below

Option One Before Labor Day: Hybrid In-School/At-Home Attendance

To maximize the opportunity for social distancing and minimize the spread of COVID-19, students in sixth to eighth grades will attend their regular school on some days during the week and the remainder of their instruction will occur online through Duval HomeRoom from Aug. 10 to Labor Day.  Students will have their same teachers and follow the same school schedule on days they are learning from home. This is the default option. If this is the choice for your child, no further registration is required. 

Which days will you attend your school? 

That depends on the student's grade level. 

graphic showing days middle school students in class continue to text below

Sixth grade:
At school:              Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday
Duval HomeRoom: Wednesday 

Seventh grade:
At school:              Monday, Wednesday, and Thursday
Duval HomeRoom: Tuesday and Friday

Eighth grade:
At school:             Tuesday, Wednesday, and Friday
Duval HomeRoom: Monday and Thursday


Option One After Labor Day: In-School Five-Days-A-Week

Middle school students choosing option one will transition to being in school five-days-a-week on Sept. 8, the day after Labor Day. 


Option Two: Learn from home in Duval HomeRoom

This is the same distance learning option that all students used when COVID-19 forced remote, home-based learning in March.  Students remain enrolled in their school and have teachers who are on staff at their school. This year, Duval HomeRoom students will participate in live lessons following their school's normal daily class schedule. Students will need to log into class online during their normal class time. 

Registration for Duval HomeRoom will run from July 14-24. The registration form will be available in FOCUS. To register, you will need a parent FOCUS account linked to your children. If you do not have a parent account, you can establish your account and link your children by clicking here. Students choosing this option can also choose to return to their regular school at the end of each grading period or earlier under extenuating circumstances.

Did you already enroll in Duval Virtual and now you want to switch to Duval HomeRoom? That is not a problem. Just register for Duval HomeRoom in FOCUS prior to July 24. 


Option Three: Learn from home in the Duval Virtual Instruction Academy

Middle school students can also enroll in the Duval Virtual Instruction Academy (DVIA). DVIA is a fully online virtual school the district has operated for 10 years. Students can choose to enroll in DVIA as their regular, full-time school. Students who choose DVIA have to withdraw from their regular school and switch their enrollment to DVIA.  Information about DVIA and enrollment can be found here.

DVIA is an option for students who intend to participate in online instruction for the entire year. An option to return to the assigned school for face-to-face instruction at the end of each grading period will not be provided for students selecting DVIA. 

Please visit the Back to School 2020 site here for additional information:


As always, if you should have any questions, please reach out to us at JWJ. We are here to answer any questions and concerns. You can email Ms. Michelle Chambers at or call us at (904) 693-7600. 


In partnership, 

JWJ Admin