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Absence Policy

Attendance Policy for Duval Homeroom and Brick and Mortar –

•    Attendance is taken during the first 10 minutes of class. If your child is not present, they will be marked unexcused absent.

•    If your student is experiencing technical difficulties, has a doctor’s appointment, is sick, or an emergency occurs, please contact your child’s teacher alerting them. This will result in your child being marked excused absent. Please provide a doctor’s note for all absences related to doctor visits. Brick and Mortar students will bring the doctor note to Ms. Martinez in Student Services. Duval HomeRoom students will email their doctor’s note to Ms. Martinez at

•    If there are chronic absences (more than 10% of school) or lack of participation issues, teachers will reach out to the parents regarding this. After the second occurrence, the teacher will write a referral and the Dean of Students will follow up with the parent and student.

•    If you believe your child was marked absent in error, please reach out to the teacher to discuss this.

•    It is the expectation that students are actively present and participating in each period for their live lessons. If your student is not actively present or participating, this can negatively impact their grade because they are missing instruction.