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Flags and Pennants Project

Flags and Pennant Project

I appreciate all the parents who have donated so far to the project of making JWJ look more College Prep. My goal is to have 3-4 flag poles with college flags displayed. In addition, 20 JWJ pennants attached to walkways and light poles to throughout the campus. Thanks to your donations, as of this morning you have donated nearly 1100 dollars. We raised around 460 dollars with the Fall Apparel Store. My goal is to raise around 5000 dollars for the project. We will be opening the Spring Apparel store soon. The Pennant Flags are approximately 65 dollars including hardware and a solid, 30 ft flag pole is between 1250-1450 dollars. I have asked DCPS maintenance if they can install the flag pole. You can donate to the discretionary fund at Any little bit helps. Thanks. -Mr. K, principal