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A Message from Dr. Hall Regarding Student Laptops

Hello Baldwin Family,


I am excited about a new program that will supply every middle and high school student with a laptop for them to use at school and at home.


That’s right, we want to provide your student with their own assigned laptop for school. BUT to get the computer, you must have a parent account in our system.


Step One - You can start setting up your account online by visiting  On that page, you will find simple instructions to create a Parent Account. Note that the process begins online, but you will have to contact your child’s school to complete the process.


Once you have finished creating your parent account, we will send you an email to begin the process of loaning a laptop to your middle or high school student that they can use for their school experience. 


If you have any questions or need any assistance, our school main office will be able to help you. So don’t delay. Help your child get a laptop for school by getting your parent account.



Dr. Hall