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Laptop Distribution Schedule and Information

 Students will need to log on to Oneview with a laptop or their cellular device.

· Once they log on to Oneview, in the upper right corner, there will be four checkmarks and four lines with a red circle notification.  The student will click on the notification. 

· This will bring up a sidebar that will say, “Complete your laptop agreement form.” The student will click on the form.

· Next, they will see a blue button that reads, “Laptop Agreement Form.”  Click there.

·  They are now at the Parent/Student Laptop Agreement.  The student will read, then scroll to the bottom and click “I acknowledge…..” 

· Once this is completed, it will bring up a green “Agreed” for the student and a red “No Response” for the parent. 

· This will populate an email for the parent to complete the agreement.