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March Newsletter

 Dolphin Splash


Mr. Joey Blitch, Principal

Mrs. Donna Baine, Assistant Principal

Alden Road Exceptional Student Center        

11780 Alden Road                                               Phone: 904.565.2722              Email:

Jacksonville, Fl.  32246                                       Fax: 904.565.2725                   


Alden Artist Corner 

Monster truck   


Monster Truck by Kekoa

School Related Employee of the Year  


Here is a profile for our amazing School Related Employee of the Year! She is also a district finalist for the entire county! Congratulations Ms. Noemi! We are so proud to have you here in room 3 with us!


What is your name?  

My name is Ms. Noemi Vasquez. 


How long have you been working here?  

This is my 16th year here at Alden. 


What grade do you work with?  

I work with Transition students. 


What’s your favorite part of class?  

I love the results of the students finishing a project they’ve been working on.

What do you love most about your job?  

I love interacting with all the students and learning about the different cultures we have at the school.  


What is your favorite memory?   

My favorite memory is the talent show and the other school events we’ve had over the years.  

What’s your favorite color?    

My favorite color is red.  

What’s your favorite singer?  

My favorite singer is Celine Dion. 

What’s your favorite food?  

Everything - but if I had to pick one it would be arroz con pollo. 


Enjoy your celebration dinner Ms. Noemi, on April 1st!


 Alden Speaks

What is something you like to do in spring?

Diamond – I like when it’s warm and the flowers.

Zoie – I like flying kites.

Bryan – I don’t like Spring, I prefer Summer.

Victor – I like seeing rainbows.

Karen – I like going to the beach.

Shaquan – I like going outside.