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Morgan receives National Honors

Ms. Streater had the honor of accepting the National Top Quartile Performance in School Instructional Culture Award. Ms. Streater states," We were ranked in the top quartile with other schools nationally according to our TNTP survey data results".  " I am proud to serve as your leader."  "Thank you for your commitment to excellence!" " We are doing BIG things at Annie R. Morgan!!!!!!" Below is a list of all the schools in our district who recieved the same award;

 ·         Alimacani

·         Annie R. Morgan

·         Arlington Heights

·         Atlantic Beach

·         Chaffee Trail

·         Chets Creek

·         Crown Point

·         Garden City

·         Greenfield

·         Hendricks Avenue

·         Henry F. Kite

·         Holiday Hill

·         John C. Stockton

·         Joseph Finegan

·         Mamie Agnes Jones

·         Mandarin Oaks

·         Neptune Beach

·         New Berlin

·         Oak Hill

·         Pickett

·         Pine Estates

·         Ruth Upson

·         Rutledge Pearson

·         S.A. Hull

·         San Pablo

·         Thomas Jefferson

·         Whitehouse