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Florida Prepaid and Duval County Public Schools Offering Scholarship Money to a Deserving Student


Florida Prepaid and Duval County Public Schools are offering a two-year college scholarship valued at $8,000 to a deserving Duval County Public School student. Fill out the application before Tuesday, April 30 for a chance to win a two-year college scholarship, valued at $8,000. We will pick a winner in May.


The Florida Prepaid College Board is in its 30th year of providing college savings plans to Florida families. With a Florida Prepaid Plan, families can lock in future college costs and spread them out over many years. Families can spend less and their child’s college tuition will be waiting for them – they just pick whichever Prepaid Plan makes sense for their budget and savings goals. It is guaranteed by the State of Florida, so families will never lose your investment. If you want to find out more, go to www.myfloridprepaid.comIf you open up an account before April 30, use Promo Code DuvalED19 to get $30 off the application fee.


To fill out the application, click the link below.

Florida Prepaid Scholarship Application