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HomeRoom opens drive-through tech support


Apple gave the world the genius bar.


Duval HomeRoom’s tech team is leaping that innovation with drive-through technical support at various locations throughout the district beginning Wednesday, April 1.


Duval County Public Schools distributed 31,000 devices last week to students who needed them to connect with online learning. 


Inevitably, some of those devices may need service. If so, parents can call the district’s tech support hotline (904) 348-5200. If the problem isn’t able to be resolved over the phone, parents will be provided with a place, date and time window to bring the device to a tech service professional, all from the comfort of their cars.


The drive-through service is also the answer for any student who doesn’t have a laptop or internet connectivity. Beginning Wednesday, April 1, families can call the tech support hotline to make an appointment. The tech support staff will provide a ticket number and further information about when an where to go for help. 

Parents and families should note that call volumes on the technical support line can lead to a lengthy on-hold wait. Please do stay on the line and your call will be answered.  Additionally, tech support is only for Duval County Public School devices.