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Brooks Rehabilitation Scholarship Winners

  • This $10,000 Scholarship is provided by Brooks Rehab and given to one male ($5,000) and one female ($5,000) who plan on majoring in Sports Medicine or a related field. We would like to thank Mr. Michael Spigel, President of Brooks Rehabilitation.
    Congratulations to the following recipients of a $5,000 scholarship.
                                                                               Female Scholarship Winner 

    Malvika Sanghvi

    Atlantic Coast High School  3.95 GPA - University of Central Florida

    She plans to study Kinesiology at the University of Central Florida becoming a Physical Therapist.

    A Quote from her essay: The Brooks Rehabilitation Internship showed me that this field was the right choice for me!


                                                                               Sanghvi - Brooks




                                                                               Male Scholarship Winner
    Rian Covington

    Atlantic Coast High School 3.92 GPA - University of Florida

    He plans to study Sports Medicine at the University of Florida eventually becoming a Sports Medicine Physician. 

    A quote from his essay:  I understand that learning about science and the body is so vast that I can constantly engage my mind in learning and be able to contribute to a greater cause.


                                                                                 Covington - Brooks