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Hazel Health

We are excited to announce our continued relationship with Hazel Health at Love Grove Elementary! Students will continue to have access to on-demand doctor visits and mental health counseling sessions through our partner AT NO COST TO YOU. Students will need a signed consent form to access this service. Parents: Please sign our new Student Health form:  

How does it work? Students have access to virtual doctor visits right in the school nurses office. Hazel Health doctors can evaluate your child’s symptoms and provide the appropriate type of treatment. If your child is sick at home, parents can also access Hazel doctor visits from home from 7am-7pm on school days. Hazel can help with everything from acne and asthma to allergies and headaches. Students also have access to virtual counseling sessions from at home. When a child is struggling with their emotions, Hazel can provide immediate assessments and screenings, counseling, and education and navigation to additional resources and care. A Hazel counselor can work with your child for depression, anxiety, bullying, peer relationships, and more. 

Please see link to video below for more information about this service: