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Perry Initiative Virtual Experience

What is PVE?

The Perry Virtual Experience is a free, 2.5-hour, interactive online experience for high school and college-aged women who are interested in pursuing careers in orthopaedics and/or engineering. Participants will hear from women leaders in these fields and dive into online mock orthopaedic surgery simulations and biomechanics experiments.

Perry Outreach Program alumnae are welcome to register for a PVE session. If you are new to the Perry Initiative, participating in the PVE will not disqualify you from a POP at a later date.

How can I attend?

You are welcome to register for any session that works for your schedule, and you can find those on our upcoming program calendar. Please only register for one session. Sessions have limited capacity and will be filled first come, first serve. The unique registration link for each Perry Virtual Experience session can be found on the calendar event page.