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Extended Day Information

In the next few days you will receive a robocall from DCPS to register for extended day. 

Below are the steps and information/ guidelines set up by DCPS:

1. Complete the online registration form. (This is only a registration form and does not mean you have a spot in extended day.) Anyone can register online all year long.

2. Directors will be using the registration forms to enroll students and set up classes.
**We will only be enrolling students who attend school in the building during the day.

3. You will be notified by the director if we have a spot for your child. 

**Please wait to be contacted by the director. The office staff will not have this information. 


4. When the director notifies you that we have a spot, you will be given further directions on how to finish the enrollment process. 


 Important changes this year due to COVID 19:

*We will ONLY be accepting online payments. We will not be accepting cash, checks, or money orders.

* Parents will NOT be allowed in the building during pick up or drop off. When we enroll your child, we will give you directions on the new procedures.

* Your child will be required to wear a mask.