Comfort Crew

The Comfort Crew for Military Kids is a program that is designed to help military children and families transition to a new location as well as equip them with resources and strategies to help them cope with the unique challenges. The program comes with toolkits to help students adjust to changes and make new friends. It also offers a wealth of support inside and outside of the classroom to help them feel welcomed and comforted.

At Venetia, we have trained students and adult advisors who make up the Comfort Crew. The Comfort Crew members meet with new students as well as military students whose family is being deployed to offer them support and guidance. They give special school tours, hand out and review toolkit boxes that hold valuable resources inside, and have small group meetings to share strategies to help cope and deal with challenges such as deployments, divorce, and grief.

To schedule a Comfort Crew school tour, please contact the school. The front office staff will make arrangements for one of our Comfort Crew members to meet you upon your arrival at the school.

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