Virtual Tour Information is Available

We are very excited to announce that Axson’s Virtual Tour Dates are available for the upcoming 2021-22 school year! Click the link for more information about our school.

The virtual tour dates are as follows: 

Jan 21 Thursday @ 6pm (45 min)

       28 Thursday @ 6pm (45 min)

Feb 4  Thursday @ 6pm (45 min)

        5  Friday @ 10 am  (45 min)

       11 Thursday @ 6pm (45 min)

       12 Friday @ 10 am   (45 min)

       18 Thursday @ 6pm (45 min)

       22 Monday @ 10 am   (45 min)

You can access the meeting links for the tours here. Please be virtually present for the 45 min tour. At the end of the tour a link will be shared in the chat so that you can get credit for the tour.

The link will last 24 hours so that it is important that you complete the survey following the virtual tour.