Posted by webmaster on 11/11/2019

  • Students should not be on campus prior to 8am, unless they are enrolled in the Extended Day Program.  Students arriving in cars will enter from the car lane door.  Students exiting busses will be checked in on a clipboard as they exit and sent up the sidewalk inside the fence by the media center.  Walking students will enter via a sidewalk in the bus loop and proceed to the front door to ring the buzzer or enter through the bus loading gates.


  • Once students enter the building, they need to proceed to their holding areas.  Middle Schoolers report directly to the cafeteria for breakfast and to wait for their 8:30 class.  1st-3rd graders report to their hallway and have a seat quietly outside of their classroom door.  They may use personal electronics as they are under the supervision of the paraprofessionals.  4th and 5th grade students will report to their hallway to also have a seat outside of the classrooms.  Personal devices may be used as they are under the supervision of the paraprofessionals.


  • Middle School students in the cafeteria are not permitted to be on their phones or personal devices.  Signage is also posted alerting the students that this is a No Phone Zone. 


  • Hats should not be worn inside the building. 


  • Students need to remain in their area and keep their voice level to a conversation level. 


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