Sabrina Brings Chillings Adventures to Netflix

Posted by Kristen Kelbaugh on 12/13/2018 9:00:00 AM

            I had just finished binge – watching another T.V. show on Netflix and was looking for a new show that could fill the empty void.  After scrolling past a lot of shows and movies I settled on watching The Chilling Adventures of Sabrina. I had previously heard from some friends that it was a really good show and “I just had to watch it.” But me being the skeptical person that I am thought maybe they were just overexaggerating on how good it actually was.  So, when I saw it on my suggested shows and movies to watch, I decided to see what all the hype was about and let’s just say I was not disappointed.

The story of Sabrina Spellman starts with her preparing for her 16th birthday, one that will be commemorated with a Dark Baptism in which she will declare her devotion to serving Satan.  Born of a warlock father and human mother who died when she was an infant, Sabrina finds herself torn between her two distinct personalities.

            She lives in the town of Greendale at her family’s mortuary with her kindly Aunt Hilda, her strict Aunt Zelda and her Cousin Ambrose, a helpful pansexual warlock who is forced to remain under house arrest at the residence as punishment for crimes he has committed.

            Sabrina is extremely torn about giving up her mortal side to fully become a witch because of her commitment to her friends, most notably her boyfriend Harvey Kinkle.  The relationship between Harvey and Sabrina was a lot better than I had originally expected.  The relationship wasn’t cheesy or cringy, at least to me, and it seemed a lot more realistic than other T.V. show couples that I had seen before.  Equally realistic are Sabrina’s dealings with her best friends:  The inquisitive and strong Roz and Susie, a character that finds herself bullied by other students at Baxter High, the school she attends.

             Working to encourage Sabrina to join the Church of Night are, Father Blackwood, the leader of her family's coven and the dean at Greendale's secret witchcraft school, The Academy of the Unseen Arts, and Mary Wardwell, a teacher and confidant who has her own shadowy agenda with the youth. Along with Old Scratch himself, these are The Chilling Adventures of Sabrina's primary antagonists.

            At first, the focus of the season was on Sabrina’s Dark Baptism, and whether or not she will decide to fully embrace her birthright.  Once that storyline is dealt with, the story starts to struggle a bit at its midpoint, with plotlines that turn into boring fillers, almost as if the writers didn’t really know what to do after Sabrina’s Dark Baptism and just put random stuff in until they could figure out another good plotline.  However, the season's near-perfect second half more than makes up for these slow burn episodes and the season is rounded off with a powerful finale, making you eager for a season 2.

            The acting in the show was better that I had originally thought. As a whole, the acting was pretty memorable. Even secondary characters without much screen time like Susie, who is coming to terms with her sexuality and living up to her family's legacy, are given ample room to allow the actors that embody them thrive. In fact, there is not a character who does not experience profound development over the first ten episodes.

            So, if you haven’t yet watched this captivating and well put together show, I would suggest that you watch it right away.  It is definitely on my top 10 favorite T.V. shows and if you decide to give it a watch, I hope that you enjoy it as much as I have.