Tips for Getting a Job as a Teen

Posted by Nathaniel Hughes on 2/8/2019 8:15:00 AM

Getting a job as a teen can be very difficult, between labor laws and extra risk of hiring a minor many employers prefer to hire people 18 and up, but getting hired can be easy. There are a few essential tips to make the application process faster and much more effective.


Such as applying to every place you can find but start by looking up a list of employers in your area that hire teenagers these places are typically establishments that deal in food service and retail such as Subway, McDonald’s, Marshalls, etc. Once you have a list assembled look up the name of the establishment and then “jobs” or “careers” after this will most likely take you to either the employers actual website with an application or to a 3rd party site like Indeed or Snagajob that has the application.


Another important thing to keep in mind while applying is to not be humble put every single thing that might make you stand out; like a very extensive list of references and all the skills you can think of.


One of the most important objectives in applying is to make sure you have a good resume there are many templates online that lay everything out and then you just have to fill it out from there and while you will end up putting everything on your resume on your application anyway it is still imperative that you have one it makes a professional impression.


In days/weeks to come you will be notified whether the company has chosen to continue the application process or not, if not it’s no big deal sometimes people go through tons of applications till they get hired but if they have selected you this is where the more person to person aspects of the hiring process come into play such as the interview or another in-depth form, when in an interview dress your very absolute best there is no such thing as overdressing for an interview.


Present your best possible self and run through some quick questions in your head before, questions that an employer would ask such as “why would you like to work here” or “what do you think you can bring to this company if hired” or in some rare cases the employer will ask you to just talk about anything for a minute or two have a topic prepared it shows them that you are passionate about something. In the end applying for a job is really just about putting yourself out there and preparing to show your best self.