SAT/ACT Prep Tips

Posted by Veronica Granger on 12/17/2018 8:00:00 AM

The SAT is something students always hear about but do not really know what it is until time has come to take it. Many students are not properly prepared to take the test and their score may suffer because of it.


The SAT along with the ACT is a standardized test meant for college admissions also used in the hope of making high school seniors college ready by using the concordant score of the two tests. The score can determine which colleges you are eligible to attend.


Students as early as high school freshmen need to know how to accurately prepare to take the SAT to aid them in what could potentially determine the rest of their life. Preparing for the test will increase chances of getting a better or more qualifying score.


SAT/ACT Prep teacher Mrs. Clark says, “the best way to prepare is to read a lot of informational texts, such as your readings in social studies and science classes. The more the students read and practice looking for the literary elements, the more everything will start to make sense.”


Students can use a variety of skills to prepare for the test, using knowledge skills or general skill building can be applied to taking the SAT. Even if students decide not to study they should still take the online practice tests to get an idea of what to expect and where they are in relevance to score.


When preparing for these tests students should practice and take into account time management skills to develop and apply while taking the test.


Coach Parker, another SAT/ACT Prep teacher, says: “One of the most important study skills is comprehension, you should hone up on your inferencing skills, being able to see outside the box and critical thinking.”


“They’re testing your understanding of the knowledge presented in front of you at the moment,” says Parker. Students do not need to focus on a particular school subject to study, instead the test-takers should apply knowledge skills they have been learning in all the years of schooling they have received that can also be applied to real-world situations.


Georgette Jones-Walley, a junior who recently took the SAT applied some other study skills to prepare, “I do tutoring on the weekends, use online sources such as College Board, who have their own program, and Khan Academy. I had a lot of flash cards and friends would come over and we would form study groups, which was really effective and helpful.”


Students should take advantage of online resources and form games that could help them remember important material, this could also be done with a study group aimed to prepare for the SAT. Time should be set aside to study and prepare with no distractions along with a routine to follow to stay on track.

The most important thing to remember is to make it fun so that students aren’t becoming more stressed while putting more pressure on themselves.


To practice taking the SAT free practice tests are available on