Sk8 City Opening

Posted by Bria Scott on 2/1/2019 7:00:00 AM

Sk8 City, a family friendly skating rink where you can host all types of events like birthday parties or even simple celebrations. For the past couple of weeks, it has drawn a lot of attention especially from teens and big families. Also providing you with great costumer service as well.


Sk8 City is in Jacksonville, FL 32225. It is a brand-new skating rink; the rink came around in the fall of 2018. Getting into the rink isn’t too pricey at all it is very reasonable, Admission is $12 and Renting skates is $3. Although it might just be skating, they have different nights for different aged people and at certain times. Sundays Adult Skate night is only for adults 21 and up including the 70’s and 80’s theme as well. Sk8 City also provides skate sessions with the same prices, the skate sessions will take place on Wednesdays, Session 1 would be 1pm-5pm and Session 2 would be 6pm-10pm.


While attending Sk8 City I interviewed a couple of people and asked them how they felt about the new skating rink, one person stated that, “this is a very good place to come on a Saturday with friends and family to just have fun and get out of the house, I would highly recommend it.”


That opinion could have a huge impact on Sk8 City in the future and how they could make the place even more fun for locals. When entering Sk8 City it changes your whole mind set about just going skating. The flashing lights and the neon colored floors just give you a more joyful feeling about being there.


Sk8 city has a lot of space, which made it easier for me to get around the rink faster. Sk8 city is one of best skating rinks I have attended yet I would recommend it to anyone who’s planning to go, and I would love to watch this place grow as the years go by.