From Principal Metz Regarding Duval HomeRoom

Good evening Bayview Elementary School families,


This is Principal Metz. Thank you all for your understanding and patience as we begin the transition to home-based learning. I know there are many questions right now, and we’ll do our best over the next few days to answer each of them.


First, I want to give you five ways to best prepare you for school next week.


Number one, please know that this is a brand new experience for everyone. We are exploring new territory together. Next week will be like our very first day of school all over again, and patience and flexibility will be our highest values as we get used to new routines.  


Number two, you should begin your new routine next Monday by going to the new Duval Homeroom web site. This new website will be up by Sunday evening, and as soon as it is available, I’ll let you know.  Once that website is up, you will find everything you need to become oriented to this new home-based program.  If you don’t have technology to access the web, make sure you have filled out the technology availability survey or call 904-348-5200 to register your needs.  


Number three, we are here to assist you. Our virtual school hours, beginning Monday, will be 8:00 AM - 3:20 PM. Again, our virtual school hours are 8:00 AM - 3:20 PM. Teachers will be available during select times during the day to answer questions and assist students, and our School Counselors and Administrators will also be available digitally to assist any way we can online and over the phone. I want to emphasize that while we are available digitally, we ask that you please do not come to the school for any reason because we need to keep our work environment safe for all.  Call us and email us, and if we are not immediately available, we will get back to you as soon as possible


Number four, please know that many of the online platforms your children will be using are ones that they are already familiar with. This is because they’ve used them in class all year. They will primarily use an online app called Microsoft Teams to interact virtually with teachers and with each other. Directions on how to get to Teams will be provided in the new Duval HomeRoom website very soon. 


Finally, number five. The buses will begin running on Monday to deliver learning packets to students who need them. These packets will also be available on line once we launch the Duval Homeroom website, and they will be available here at the school.   The schedule and locations for delivery will be posted on the Homeroom website this weekend.   If you can get the resources on line, great. If not, visit us at the school during grab and go lunch time or visit one of the bus stops to receive your resources.


I’m excited about walking into this new era of learning with our teachers, our students and our families. Thanks for your continued support and I will continue to call and email you as we have information to help guide you in this season.  Thanks and have a great evening.