ATTENTION %TH GRADE PARENTS!!!!!! 5th Grade Recognition Video

5th grade Recognition Video 

Hello parents and teachers! I know things have not been easy with being out of school, and this should be about the time of year when you have made some preparations for your child’s next steps in education. Traditionally, Bayview Elementary does a promotion ceremony to honor the 5th grade class and recognize their achievements. We don’t want this year to be any different. So, to honor them this year, I would like to make a recognition and celebration video for them. Here’s what I need from you: 

  • early elementary picture (maybe a first day photo or K recognition photo, these are just examples) 
  • more recent photo (can be this year’s school picture or just one taken with your phone) 
  • Send photos to with the following information: 

Child’s name 

Where they will be going to school next year (if known) 

If you have any other pictures of class field trips, label those with year and location. Example: 4th grade field trip to Jacksonville Zoo 

Here is the BEST way to submit a picture: 

If taking a picture with your phone, take the photo, screenshot the photo, and edit it so that there are no background edges showing up. If you take the photo from your phone, should be no issues. If you have any questions or concerns, email me at This is the best communication method.  

Let’s Celebrate Your Child!! 



Hilary Shaw 

School Counselor, BES