Registering For A Bus

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Is your child riding a bus this school year? The time is NOW to register them.


Why register?

  • It helps prevent overcrowding.
  • It allows the schools and district to send out timely and accurate communication to families of children in the bus in case of an emergency. 
  • It will give you access to a new bus app the district will make available to families during this school year. Called Edulog Parent Portal, the app will allow families to know in real-time where their child's bus is and the times/locations their child boarded on and off the bus. 

How to register   

Need help registering? Watch the video below for a fun and simple tutorial. You can also view written directions on


When will bus stop information be available? 

  • Beginning Monday, July 31, 2023. Note that it may take up to 10 business days from the date of registration for it to be available. So register NOW. 

Where is it available? 

  • In your Focus account. Log in to Focus, select your child’s name, select Child Info, then select Transportation from the list.  

Will the district continue informing families of bus delays?

  • Until the Edulog app is fully launched, the district will continue to notify families of delays through its Bus Delays webpage and the daily texts. After Edulog is launched families will be able to see their bus's status through the app. 

Is there a special form for kindergarten students? 

  • Yes, parents/guardians of kindergarten students will need to complete the mandatory Kindergarten Dismissal Form and submit it to their child's school.

Who do I contact about ESE bus ridership? 

  • Transportation for students participating in the Exceptional Student Education Services (ESE) is arranged through the ESE Office under specific guidelines. For questions or placement in an ESE program, it is recommended you email the Exceptional Education Student Services Admission and Placement Office at Staff are also available by phone, though there may be a high call volume at the beginning of the school year. Call 904-348-7760 and select option 1.