Safety And Security

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We take the job of student, staff, and school safety seriously. Below are the security measures we have in place to keep our campuses secure. 

  • Reporting Threats: 
    • If you see something, please say something. Please use the Fortify Florida tipline to share any school-related safety concerns with law enforcement. 

  • Badge-based emergency alert system:
    • School-based staff are equipped with a special smart badge they can use to immediately initiate a lockdown and notify law enforcement in the event of an emergency. 

  • Weapons detectors:
    • Every high school has a walk-through weapons detector that will be used to screen everyone who enters the school building. 

  • Armed security at each school:
    • Every one of our schools is staffed with an armed police officer or a safe school officer. Each of these individuals has received and continually receives Advanced Law Enforcement Rapid Response Training. 

  • Training for students:
    • For students and staff, we deploy two complementary training protocols: Run, Hide, Fight, from the Department of Homeland Security and what is known as the Standard Response Protocol, made available through the I Love You Guys Foundation.

  • Locked school entrances:
    • Entrances to school buildings are locked and controlled with electronic access systems. All external access to schools is to remain locked during the day. All classrooms are locked during instruction. 

  • Surveilance:
    • Camera surveillance is used at all schools.

  • Access to law enforcement:
    • All schools have direct radio access to School Police, and School Police have direct radio access to the Jacksonville Sheriff’s Office and Beaches area law enforcement.

  • Safety drills:
    • All schools conduct regular lockdown drills in accordance with state requirements.

  • Threat management teams:
    • All schools have an active behavioral threat management team that can deploy whenever a potential threat is perceived at a school.

  • School hardening:
    • Through the half-penny sales tax, we are in the process of hardening every school in the district.