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Half-pennies add up to big changes for Duval's schools

  • On November 3, 2020, voters overwhelmingly approved the greatest renovation and rebuilding program in the history of public education in Duval County. For the next 15 years, a voluntary half-penny sales tax will fund a facility plan that will accomplish the following:

    1. Address more than $1 billion in maintenance that has been deferred more than 10 years as a result of state funding cuts
    2. Enable the district to “right size” and cut administrative costs
    3. Improve the safety and security of every school
    4. Remove most portables in schools with growing enrollments
    5. Improve the learning environment for all students. 

    Visit here often to see how the half-penny is working for your schools of interest.

The Goals

  • Address $1 Billion of Deferred Maintenance
  • Enhance District Efficiency
  • Make Every School Safe and Secure
  • Remove Most or All Portables
  • Improve Student Learning

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