• Bus Registration 2024 - 2025 is OPEN

Register for a bus

Registro de autobus

  • How to register:

     All students, except those assigned to an ESE behavior support self-contained program, must register for transportation before they may ride a bus. 

    Log into the parent/guardian Focus account and select your child’s name

    1. Select Child Info.
    2. Select Forms.
    3. Select 24-25 Transportation Registration Form.
    4. Review address. Note that the primary address is used to determine the bus assignment.
      1. If the address is correct: go to “Does Your Child Need Bus Transportation” and select Yes.
      2. If the address is not correct: contact your child’s school to update before proceeding.
    5. Click Submit Request.

    Repeat these steps for any additional students in the family.

  • Finding your child's bus stop info

    Bus stop information is available in the Parent Focus Account only if students are registered for bus transportation. 

    • Log in to your Focus Account
    • Select your child’s name
    • Select Child Info
    • Select Transportation from the list.  

    Bus stop assignment may take up to 10 business days to display in Focus after the bus registration date. For school year 2024-2025, bus stop assignments will start displaying in Focus on Monday, July 29, 2024.  If you need bus stop information while updates are on hold, register your student, then call us at 904-858-6200 for bus stop information.

  • ESE Transportation:

    Transportation for students participating in the Exceptional Student Education Services (ESE) is arranged through the ESE Office under specific guidelines. For questions or placement in an ESE program, please call 904-348-7760 and select option 1.