• We Believe Art is Education

    We invite you to learn and grow with us through the arts.

  • Theater
  • Visual Arts
  • Music
  • Dance
  • Elementary
  • Fine Arts: Where academics and creativity meet

    An engaging fine arts program is vital to a well-rounded education. From creative thinking to problem-solving, years of research show the arts enhance all aspects of a student's education. That's why we strive to provide the best and highest-quality instruction in music, visual arts, theater, and dance.


    We make the arts available to all students

    For years, we've faced rumors that we don't offer the arts. But that could not be further from the truth. We know an engaging fine arts program is vital to a well-rounded education, and years of research prove it. That's why nearly all of our 160+ schools have at least one art and one music class, including our centers for students with disabilities.


    We've increased funding for the arts

    We don’t just prioritize the arts, we invest in the arts. In fact, Duval County voters recently approved a millage rate increase leveraging more funds for the arts. This additional revenue will allow us to purchase new equipment, band uniforms, as well as make important enhancements to our programs.


    We prepare students for post-secondary and career success

    From tech theater to digital photography, our fine arts courses are embedded with the education and skills students need to transition into the real world successfully. This means that no matter which fine arts pathway students pursue, they'll receive relevant, 21st-century instruction and training that will take them from graduation and beyond.

  • Our Fine Arts Programs and Classes

    We offer courses and programs in every category of fine arts defined by the state of Florida — music, dance, theater, and visual arts. You can find options throughout our schools, as well as in magnet schools for the visual and performing arts.

  • Theater

    Students participating in our theater programs engage in every aspect of a theatrical production. Performances are student-run with hands-on learning opportunities available on stage (acting, singing, dancing) and behind the scenes (script writing, technical production, costumes, props).

  • Visual Arts

    Our visual arts instruction spans all grades and allows students to explore a variety of creative expressions including drawing, painting, clay, sculpture, digital art, photography, printmaking, metalwork, and film. Our students’ work is frequently featured in local, regional, and national exhibitions.

  • Music

    We offer a wide range of music education at all grade levels. We begin with the fundamentals in elementary and progress to more advanced skills in middle and high school with courses and programs such as chorus, band, orchestra, guitar, piano, marching band, and music tech.

  • Dance

    Our dance programs aren’t just about moves and choreography — our students are learning to express themselves through movement. By focusing on body awareness, students gain a deeper understanding of artistic expression and communication.

  • Arts in Our Elementary Schools

    We know the elementary years are an important time for building foundations. That's why we offer art and music in all elementary schools, cultivating the necessary knowledge and skills students will need as they get older.

    Art instruction: Students explore a variety of visual art techniques and media as they develop communication, creativity, self-expression, and critical-thinking skills.

    Music instruction: Students engage in hands-on learning experiences through an array of music activities, activating skill development, music literacy, peer collaboration, and cultural awareness.

  • Duval County Public Schools' Seal of Fine Arts

    Duval County Public Schools’ Seal of Fine Arts recognizes graduating seniors who have dedicated a significant portion of their high school journey to the study and pursuit of excellence in the fine arts. Students who
    successfully meet the requirements of the program will receive a seal on their high school diploma.

    Students who wish to learn more can contact Director of Fine Arts Dr. Laurie Hoppock at HoppockL@duvalschools.org.

  • STEAM Education Programs

    More than a dozen of our schools are integrating Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math into their fine arts programming thanks to a five-year, $2 million STEAM grant from the US Department of Defense Education Activity. Schools with high student military populations will be able to use funds to:

    • Purchase equipment – such as tablets, 3D printing pens, and tablets – to enhance instruction 
    • Build or renovate a STEAM lab or create a STEAM space
    • Support additional field trips, parent nights, and professional development
  • Annual Events, Performances, and Exhibitions

    Duval County Public Schools coordinates and participates in several fine arts events, performances, and exhibitions that help our students gain experience, exposure, confidence, and in some cases, college scholarships.

    These opportunities span numerous grade levels and disciplines and are scheduled around the same time each year. Below you can find brief descriptions of some of our larger events, performances, and exhibitions.

  • Art Exhibitions

  • Honor Choir

  • District Honor Band

  • Scholastic Art Awards

  • After-School Programs and Partners

    We collaborate with several community partners to offer our students additional opportunities and experiences in the fine arts. This includes field trips, after-school programs, and summer enrichment.

    Offerings and partner organizations vary across the district. To learn more, contact your child’s school.