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    In November 2017, Duval County Public Schools received a seven-year, $12-million-dollar grant from the US Department of Education (USDOE) to administer the Gaining Early Awareness and Readiness for Undergraduate Programs (GEAR UP) project.  The mission of the GEAR UP grant is to increase students’ aspirations toward high school and beyond and to create experiences that give students access to traditional/non-traditional postsecondary options.  It is our vision that every GEAR UP student has access to, attends, and graduates from a postsecondary institution receiving a certificate, degree, or specialized training and are thriving individuals in their respective communities. We currently serve a cohort of over 3,000 students in 7 high schools across Duval County and follow them through the completion of their first year of college. 


Our Team

Name Title Email Phone
Evan Paul Daniels Director danielse1@duvalschools.org
Bernadette Hardeman Strong Supervisor hardemanb@duvalschools.org
Traci Zamor Counseling Specialist zamort@duvalschools.org
Alandrea Turner Specialist turnera@duvalschools.org
Le'Titia Parsons Specialist parsonsl1@duvalschools.org
Dr. Melody Campbell Specialist campbellm5@duvalschools.org
Tricie Robinson Coordinator robinsont4@duvalschools.org
LaUndra Austin Secretary austinl@duvalschools.org
Stephanie Oliver Supervisor olivers@duvalschools.org
Vera Bussey Counseling Specialist busseyv@duvalschools.org
Joel Chaitovicz Specialist chaitoviczj@duvalschools.org
Nakeisha Tinsley Specialist bronstonn@duvalschools.org
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