• Providing educational excellence for every student, every day.

    Our Vision:

    To ensure every student is inspired and prepared for success in college, in a career and life.


    Our Mission:

    To provide educational excellence for every student, every day.


    Our Promise:

    We intentionally focus on student achievement, safety and well-being.

    We foster learning that leads to independence by upholding individual and collective commitments to create a community of learners.

    We foster lifelong learning in children and adults to be prepared to participate in the global economy.

    We foster positive relationships based on mutual respect, transparency, honesty, and the consistent demonstrations of actions.

    We foster an environment of equity and empathy that respects differences and values diversity.

    We develop & retain high performing team members.

    We sustain engagement of parents, caregivers and the community.

    We ensure effective, equitable, & efficient use of resources aligned to improve student outcomes.


    If there is one phrase that describes Duval County Public Schools over the last several years, it is continuous quality improvement! As one of Florida’s seven major metropolitan school districts, Duval has made extraordinary progress in student achievement with a “whole child” educational philosophy and relentless commitment to instruction excellence intentionally designed to prepare students for 21st century career and college. 

    • 2018-19 district grade of “B” per the Florida Department of Education. 

    • Highest "B" of any school district in Florida.

    • Less than one percentage point from being an "A" district.  

    • 87% of schools earned “A, B, or C.”

    • 42 schools increased at least one letter grade, including six schools that jumped two letter grades.

    We’re a “B,” and an “A” is in striking distance; less than one percentage point away. But more important than our grade, our success is that our students are more prepared than ever before for whatever step is next on their academic and career plan.

  • Graduation Rising

    • 2019-2020 Graduation Rate: 90.2% (Federal Formula) - Click here to view all graduation rates from the FLDOE
    • Rate represents a 3.7 percentage point increase from the previous year and a 26.9 percentage point increase over the last 10 years.
    • The 26.9 percentage point increase exceeds the state’s rate of improvement of 19.4 percentage points.
    • The gap between the state and district narrowed from 6.8 percentage points in 2011-12 to Duval County surpassing the state by 0.2 percentage points for the 2019-20 school year.
    • Record high subgroup data was seen among African American, Hispanic, ELL, ESE, and Low SES students.
    • Additionally, all 21 traditional high schools exceeded the 90 percent graduation for the first time. Schools with substantial growth include Robert E. Lee (+6.39 percentage points); Ed White (+5.88 percentage points); and Wolfson (+3.74 percentage points).
    • Visit TeamDuval.org for more info including a look at grad rates for individual high schools; and how COVID-19 impacted 2019-20 rates for school districts across Florida.


    NAEP Rising

    National Assessment of Educational Progress (NAEP): Duval County Public Schools participates in the Trial Urban District Assessment (TUDA), a NAEP voluntary accountability program for 4th and 8th-grade reading and math. The program enables comparisons among the nation's largest participating cities, such as Atlanta, Los Angeles, New York City and Jacksonville.

    In the 2019 assessment, Duval ranked in the top five of the 27 participating districts in 17 out of 20 student groupings.

    Areas where Duval is ranked in the top five in the nation:

    Grade 4 Mathematics (ranking)

    • All students (3)
    • African American students (2)
    • Hispanic students (2)
    • Free and reduced lunch (FRL) students (2)
    • Students with disabilities (SWD) (2)

    Grade 8 Mathematics

    • African American students (4)
    • SWD (1)

    Grade 4 Reading

    • All Students (5)
    • African American students (3)
    • Hispanic students (1 – tied with Miami)
    • FRL students (3)
    • SWD (2)

    Grade 8 Reading

    • All students (5)
    • African American students (3)
    • Hispanic students (3)
    • FRL students (3)
    • SWD (1)


    College Readiness Rising

    • Reading - 28% increase in graduates being college ready from 3,955 (2011/12) to 5,081 (2015/16)
    • Mathematics - 58% increase in graduates being college ready from 2,943 (2011/12) to 4,662 (2015/16)
    • 123% increase in Dual Enrollment College courses taken from 6,871 (2011/12) to 15,372 (2016/17)
    • 28 percentage point increase by African-American students passing Dual Enrollment College courses from 66% (2006/07) to 94% (2017/18)


    CTE Rising

    • Career and Technical Education provides students with opportunities to explore career options in settings that anticipate and address every student's needs
    • 798 certifications earned - a 260% increase since 2012
    • Earned model academy status for 7 programs; an increase of 133% since 2012
    • Established 14 business partnerships that include student mentoring, job shadowing, and post-secondary employment opportunities


    Arts Rising

    • Visual and Performing Arts Education provides students with rigorous arts study that equips them with the 21st-century skills necessary to be successful in college or a career and life
    • 6,400 students now participate in secondary instrumental music programs - a 206% increase in enrollment since 2012
    • From 2012 to 2017, the number of middle school music students participating in MPAs (Music Performance Assessments) increased by 15%
    • From 2016 to 2018, the number of students winning regional visual art honors in the Northeast Florida Scholastic Art Awards has risen from 357 students to 572 students (a 60% increase) and regional award winning students in 2018 took home $9.2 million in college scholarship offers (a 124% increase from $4.1 million in 2016).
    • In 2018, 15 DCPS visual art students in 5 schools, earned 18 national awards through the Scholastics Art & Writing Awards
    • Cultivates and maintains partnerships with many cultural institutions in the Jacksonville community to provide exhibition, performance, and learning opportunities to arts students, including Jacksonville Public Library, Any Given Child Jacksonville, Cathedral Arts Project, Inc., The Cummer Museum of Art and Gardens, Jacksonville Symphony, the Ritz Theatre & Museum, Museum of Contemporary Art, as well as virtual learning opportunities through Met HD Live.

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