• Creating and linking a Parent/Guardian Account 

  • What happens when you create a Parent Account?

    1. You receive insider access to your child's academic experience. Once you create a Parent Account and link it to your child, you are then able to log into OneView and Focus. These applications allow you to apply to schools online, review your child's grades and assignments, and register for transportation. (See "Bonus - Accessing OneView and Focus" below for more info)

    2. You begin receiving important automated calls and emails from your child's school. Schools send out mass automated calls with important information including attendance and possible emergencies on the campus. However, you are not able to receive these calls unless you have created a Parent Account and linked it to your child. 

    See the 5 steps below to create and link your Parent Account. 

    Note: The recommended browser is Google Chrome. However, if you’re on a Mac, you may need to use Safari.  

Steps - Creating a Parent Account and Linking to Your Child

  • Step 1: Create a Student I.D. (Skip step if your child is not new to the district)

  • Step 2: Create a Parent/Guardian Account

  • Step 3: Verify your Parent/Guardian Account

  • Step 4: Link your new Parent/Guardian Account to your student

  • Step 5: Visit your child’s school to show proof of parent-child relationship.

  • Receiving automated messages

  • Updating Contact Info used to receive automated messages

  • Accessing OneView and Focus


  • Online and in-person - The process begins online. But there is an in-person component. The in-person component includes parents visiting their child's school of enrollment to provide identification. This helps maintain student confidentiality. 

    Forgot password? - Click on this "Forgot Password" link and follow the instructions. 

    Employees/students - Teachers/Administrators/Students use their district username and password to access Focus, OneView, and the Mobile App. Employees that are also a parents or guardians to a DCPS student must register for a separate parent/guardian account using a personal email address.)

    Is your child a new student? - If your child has ever been enrolled in a Duval County Public School including: DCPS Traditional Schools, Charter Schools, Duval Virtual Instructional Academy, Home School, McKay School, Empowerment Scholarship School, VPK, Child Find (ESE Services), and/or Teen Parent Services they will have a student ID. As a result, you should not create a new student ID.