School Choice Office

    Duval County Public Schools is pleased to share with you our School Choice Website. This site is designed to give families an overview of the many types of school choice options that are available for school-age children in Jacksonville. In it, you will find information about specific programs including magnet programs, career academies, high school acceleration programs, choice programs and charter schools.

    Located in 64 different schools, our nationally recognized magnet programs are the centerpiece of our school choice options. These magnet programs focus on a theme and give students an opportunity to explore an interest or talent. This Website provides very specific information about how to apply for these programs and how to have the best chance of being selected.

    We hope you will read through the following pages and that you will find something just right for your student!  Whether you choose your neighborhood school, a  magnet school, a choice school, a high school acceleration program, a career academy, or a charter school, Duval County Public Schools’ goal is to offer every student the best chance possible for academic success!