Culinary Arts Program

  • Our industry-based program prepares students for careers in the restaurant and food service industry. Students gain valuable restaurant and food service skills through academic and hands-on experience.

    Who can take culinary classes?

    Any student can request a culinary class. Priority is given to academy students. Students may enroll in multiple levels of culinary during any given year. This is most common during junior and senior years. This program and course progression is very applicable to the student who would like to learn food preparation skills, needs a pathway to a scholarship or would like to join the food service industry.

    The Culinary Arts Academy

    We are proud to offer a Culinary Academy. Members of the academy will progress through the Culinary Arts Program with a specific cohort of students. Benefits to joining the academy include preference to popular culinary courses,  dedicated school counselor, continuity of culinary curriculum, and first choice for student competitions. 

    Scholarships and Post-Secondary Credits

    Students can receive college credit with industry certifications. There are different requirements depending on which certification a student has and what program/college the student plans to enroll in.

    Bright Futures Gold Seal Scholarship requirements: 3.0 GPA (non-electives), 3 CTE courses in the same program, 3.5 unweighted GPA in the career education courses, 30 service hours, meet minimum scores requirement on SAT, ACT or PERT.

    Bright Futures CAPE Scholarship requirements: Earn 5 postsecondary credit hours through CAPE industry certifications (ServeSafe and Certified Food Safety Manager) that articulate for college credit and 30 service hours.     

    Go to the Florida Bright Futures Scholarship Program webpage for specific details regarding scholarship awards.

  • Courses

    Culinary Arts 1 (1)*

    Culinary Arts 2 (1)*

    Culinary Arts 3 (1)*

    Culinary Arts 4 (1)

    Directed Study (.5)

    On the Job Training (OJT)(.5)

    Intro. To Hospitality and Tourism  (1)

    Principles of  Food Preparation (.5)

    Nutrition and Wellness (.5)

    *Required for Culinary Academy students.


    SafeStaff Food Handler

    ServSafe Manager

    Certified Food Safety Manager

    ProStart COA

    **Requires passing exam scores from certifying agencies and/or certain culinary courses.