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    At Brookview Elementary School, our Tiger cubs grow up fierce and driven! With every lesson and every activity, we instill respect for learning, the spirit of teamwork and a deep dedication to excellence in a safe and caring environment. We set our expectations high during these early years, giving our students a priceless gift: the tools they will require for success throughout their academic journey and indeed, throughout their lives. These are important years for your child. Let the Brookview family teach your child how to “ROAR” with confidence.

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  • Why Parents Love Brookview

    Our parents love Brookview’s emphasis on setting and achieving academic, social and personal goals. They know that our focus is on providing individualized education so no child falls behind. Our parents count on us to encourage, support and celebrate students as they realize their full potential. For us, there’s no greater honor and privilege than preparing your child for the demands of middle school and beyond.

  • Why Students Love Brookview

    We work with tireless dedication to foster a love of learning in our students. They feel safe enough to explore and supported enough to aim higher. They benefit from the stability of our phenomenal teaching staff and our school-wide focus on working hard while also having fun. Our third through fifth graders enjoy discovering science in our hands-on lab where every day brings a new experiment. Opportunities to excel in chess club, track and countless other activities make for a well-rounded, joyful and productive primary school experience.

  • What Your Child Will Learn

    At Brookview Elementary School, your child will learn what it means to seek excellence, how to accept help when needed, and how to create a personal path to success. They will learn that celebrating each other’s achievements builds community and reaching those milestones brings reward. Your student will quickly become part of a warm, welcoming school family that treasures them for who they are and helps mold the contributing citizens they will become.

  • Why We Are Unique

    A walk through Brookview’s hallways will tell you this is a school dedicated to high educational excellence, positive behaviors, and respect for each other. We take care of one another and treasure the different strengths every student brings. At Brookview Elementary School, we give our students the solid foundation they need to take on the challenges of secondary education with confidence and determination.

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